Ribbon Wedding Cake

by sara on March 14, 2012

I call this a wedding cake, but really it’s a replica of the cake that was served at my best friend’s wedding way back in November.  She had a small ceremony in North Carolina with just a few friends and close family.  It was beautiful and I cried many, many happy tears.  We were so blessed to be a part of it.  Since I wanted all of my focus to be on Colleen on her wedding day and not fussing over a cake, I knew there was no way I’d be making her wedding cake.  Probably a good idea since her ceremony and reception were at the top of a mountain.  I am not even joking.  I would have had several heart attacks on the way up that mountain with a tiered cake.  SEVERAL.

Back to this particular wedding cake that’s not really a wedding cake.  In January, Colleen’s mom (Hi Linda!) threw a reception in her honor so that friends and family who didn’t make it to the wedding could ooh and aah over her gorgeous wedding gown and wish the happy couple well.  The reception was held at The French Market.  They provided a dessert table, but when Linda asked if I could replicate Colleen’s wedding cake for her reception here, I jumped at the chance.  It was truly my pleasure to recreate the cake as best I could.

Colleen’s original cake had three tiers.  If you hop on over to Greg Hogan Photography, you can see the original cake in cutting action.  And you WANT to go check it out because you will flip when you see her cake topper.  AMAZING.  Since her original cake was red velvet, the cake I made for the local reception was red velvet as well.  This was also my first time using ribbon on a cake and it was an interesting experience.  One I’d definitely like to try again–so many possibilities!

I was so very happy to make this cake for Colleen and Allan.  I love them terribly and it meant so much to me to play a part in BOTH of their Big Days.  I know that this is just the beginning of many happy years together.  Congratulations again, you guys!!

Colleen and I, probably laughing about something completely ridiculous. It's what we do. (Photo Courtesy of Greg Hogan Photography)


My friend Kelly had a birthday recently, so of course she needed a cake.  A very specific cake, it seems.  A cake based upon another cake.  A cake first made by Bakerella, then made again by Bridget over at Bake at 350.  Both of these ladies are amazing and you should rush right over to their blogs immediately.  Go ahead.

OK!  Now that you’ve returned, let’s get back to Kelly’s cake.  Bridget was inspired by Bakerella to make this cake and then she used a bunch of separate recipes to create the final product.  For this cake, I followed Bridget’s instructions.

Only I decided it needed a buttercream border.  And extra chocolate chips.

The strawberries were a last minute addition.  They were just staring at me through the refrigerator practically begging to be dipped in chocolate.  The best part about this cake?  It wasn’t just Kelly’s birthday.  It was also her sister’s birthday.  AND her sister’s husband’s birthday.  Lucky them, she saved the cake for when they were all together.  That sister’s husband?  He just happens to be a friend of mine as well.  A friend all the way back from high school. (And his wife too, for that matter.)  He’s a photographer nowadays and we’ll be seeing him soon for our family portraits.  Until then, he provided this photo (from his phone) of this cake sliced up and ready to serve.  I do so love it when I get to see my cakes sliced!

Now.  I don’t really like cake, but I’m quite certain I could make an exception for this one.  I also feel certain that Greg has a future in food styling.

Happy Birthday Kelly, Jackie, and Greg!  I’m glad you all were born.


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